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We offer three basic degrees (MDiv, MPS, MTS), four advanced-level graduate degrees conjointly with the Toronto School of Theology (MA, ThM, PhD, DMin), and a post-baccalaureate conjoint Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS).
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Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) Enrich your knowledge with our conjoint certificate program provides a general university-level foundation in Christian studies, opening the door for future exploration and degree programs. Learn more
Master of Divinity (MDiv) Train for a variety of ordained and lay-leadership ministry settings, in Canada and abroad. Learn more
Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) Prepare for leadership in the helping professions through courses specializing in spiritual care and psychotherapy, or social service. Learn more
Master of Theological Studies (MTS) Expand and deepen your knowledge with our most flexible master’s program. Or, prepare for admission to a doctoral program without other prior theological study. Learn more
Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MA) Engage issues of research and scholarly method at an advanced level in a cohort setting, in preparation for admission to a doctoral program. Learn more
Master of Theology (ThM) Pursue study in a particular area of theology at an advanced level to prepare for admission to a doctoral program or advanced ministry. Learn more
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) Delve into a particular area of theology and make an original contribution to the discipline, with a view to post-secondary teaching. Learn more
Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Deepen your full-time ministry through vigorous reflection, collaborative learning, and a focused doctoral project. Learn more