The Centre for Asian-Canadian Theology and Ministry at Knox College hosted a group of representative ministers from the Korean Christian Church in Japan (KCCJ), including the KCCJ Moderator (Rev. Jonghyun Kim) and General Secretary (Rev. Byuungho Kim).


Knox College established the Centre for Asian-Canadian Theology and Ministry in 1995 – to facilitate the theological education of leaders for the rapidly growing Asian-Canadian church in Canada, and to encourage their prophetic contribution to The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Building Bridges Between Knox College and Constituent Asian-Canadian Communities

The Centre works in collaboration with Knox College’s Director of Basic Degree Programs in mentoring ministerial candidates from Asian-Canadian communities and keeping the partnering student-care church committees well-informed of student milestones and programmatic achievements.

Bibliographic Resources on Asian-North American Theology and Ministry

The Centre is building a library to collect literature in English and in various Asian languages on Asian-North American Theology and Ministry. This collection will be an invaluable resource, not only for students at Knox College, but for the entire church.

Research for the Direction of Asian-Canadian Churches

The Centre for Asian-Canadian Theology and Ministry creates space for Asian-Canadian ministry partners, including Knox College, to collaborate through research opportunities and public sharing through symposiums and conferences. The Centre is a place to dream on behalf of the unique Asian-Canadian communities; it is also a place for various partners in Christ to contribute towards and garner wisdom from the unique research opportunities afforded by the diverse Asian-Canadian Christian communities.

Studies in Asia

Knox College students, regardless of their ethnic/cultural background, are encouraged to spend up to a year of study in overseas seminaries. The Asian Centre has already created such a bridge with The Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary in Seoul, South Korea. The Centre is presently seeking to develop similar relationships with other Asian seminaries (e.g. in Taiwan).

Special Events

Each year, the governing Council members of the Centre, in coordination with the Worship Ministry Team of the College, leads a community worship service. Following the worship service, participating community members of the College are treated to a fellowship time that showcases cultural meals from one of the Asian-Canadian communities.

Every second year, the Centre, in coordination with the College and with Justice Ministries (Life and Mission Agency) of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, holds Crossing Cultures Together, an event that explores the challenges and opportunities that make up the rich ethnic and racial diversity of the church.