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Knox College is a leader in Reformed theological education, equipping graduates to think deeply about matters of faith, live authentically as followers of Jesus, and lead courageously in shifting spiritual and social landscapes.

We’re a place where faculty will challenge you academically, and where you’ll find vibrant community life – including community worship, community lunches, and other events.


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Tuition & Financial Aid

Knox College offers affordable tuition and has a generous bursary program available to all students.

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Student Stories

"Knox has been rewarding and fruitful for me. I loved the small community, and the professors were engaging, thoughtful, kind, and knowledgeable. I am very grateful to have been there, learning from them, and getting to know my peers. I felt safe learning and asking questions, and I was getting an education that I knew would help my career."

— Sharon B. (K'23)

"Knox College has provided me with invaluable professional experiences, impactful mentorship, and a nurturing environment for vulnerability and growth. The skills I’ve acquired are versatile and relevant to diverse ministry contexts. I hold deep gratitude for Knox’s presence and pray for its lasting Presbyterian influence on future students, all for the glory of God."

— Antonio Siracusa (K'21)

"Prior to my studies at Knox, I was like the person in Matthew 7:26 who built a house on sand. My faith was strong, but not deep. Now having studied at Knox, the sand has turned to rock. The foundation for my faith is now both deep and sturdy. My professors and classmates helped me ask questions that I had not ever asked myself before. Looking into these areas and exploring them as a group has changed my relationship with God and with God’s community here on Earth."

— Matthew V. (K'23)

"My interest in pursuing a Master of Theological Studies initially stemmed from conversations with spiritual mentors in my life. Knox has provided a forum to ask tough questions and to dig deeper into faith in the midst of community. A part-time option allowed me to study while working full-time, and it was always fascinating to make connections between what I was learning at school and how I’m serving in the world. "

— Claire L. (K'23)

"I really value the care and compassion of the professors at Knox. I cannot praise them enough! The faculty help students work through what we need to; they are very encouraging and demanding, and they prepare us well."

— Lisa D. (K'16,19)

"Knox College has become my home. Not just in a practical or academic way – but a home of my heart. I feel so privileged, so thankful, for this incredible place."

— Loys F. (K'15,19)

"Because Knox is known for its sound teaching tradition and supportive community, I believed it was the best school to provide me with a strong theological foundation which would allow me to prepare for advanced degree studies."

— Kiersty H. (K’16)

"In the residence, being surrounded by international students from different fields of study, faiths, and cultures was an education in itself, opening me to a better understanding of people from different cultures and religions. This understanding will play a big role in my calling to be a spiritual leader."

— Emily W. (K’19)

"I was attracted to Knox College because of its rich history of academic theological study and training. I have found a faculty with genuine pastoral concerns for the academic, spiritual, and pastoral growth of the students."

— Ian M. (K’16)

"Do not to hesitate to meet with your teachers. One of great merits of Knox is an intimate and strong relationship between faculty and their students. Don’t be afraid to knock on the door of your teacher’s office. They will give you comfort, encouragement, and wisdom to get through."

— Jinbong C. (K'08)

"Overall, my Knox experience is giving me all the skills, confidence, and spiritual strength I need to lead a congregation, wherever God chooses to send me."

— Emily W. (K’19)

"I am deeply indebted to the College for the way that I was embraced as a mature student, and for the many ways that supporters of the work of Knox College assisted me in my journey toward ministry. In 2016, I am particularly grateful for the legacy of the men and women who blazed the trail that resulted in the ordination of women in our church fifty years ago. It is on their shoulders that I now stand as a minister of Word and Sacraments in The Presbyterian Church in Canada."

— Monica M. (K’15)

"Through the ministry field placement that I had to do during the MDiv program, I got an opportunity to be with and minister to youth and young adults. Through that time and experience, God has given me a heart and vocation for the young generation of His church."

— David B. (K'14)

"The effect Knox College has had on me is so profound that I realize I can’t go back to the way I was before."

— Emily W. (K’19)

"Five years at Knox encouraged me to think critically in my intellectual and faith worlds. Knox taught me that critical thinking does not end up with destruction, but with reconstruction."

— Jinbong C. (K'08)