Program Overview

The Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) is a seven-course program that provides a general foundation in theological knowledge and practice. It may be completed in one academic year of full-time study or can be completed part-time over a period of up to 8 years.

Currently, two foci of study are available:

  • Theological Foundations Studies – designed to equip students with a general in theological knowledge and practice within the Reformed Tradition.
  • Presbyterian Leadership Studies – designed to equip religiously engaged persons, clergy, or other professional religious leaders with a basic academically critical understanding of the Presbyterian tradition.

The Certificate in Theological Studies may also provide academic background for those interested in making application to Knox’s other Basic Degree programs or the MA program in Theological Studies.

Admission Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent degree from a university recognized by the University of Toronto
  • CGPA 2.7/4.0 or greater (70%; B-); if your undergraduate degree was conferred by a postsecondary institution that uses a grading scale other than the 4.0 GPA scale, please review your transcripts to confirm CGPA equivalency before applying to Knox College.
  • Proficiency in English
  • Academic/professional and pastoral references
  • For CTS in Presbyterian Leadership Studies: An applicant undertaking this program to meet the requirements prescribed by The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s committee on Education and Reception is required to submit a letter from the committee indicating a recommended course of study.

Tuition Basics

See Tuition/Financial Aid for helpful information on tuition estimates, bursaries, and scholarships.