About Ministry Forum

Our mission is to empower ministry leaders to thrive. We do this by curating valuable resources, facilitating thought-provoking discussions, and offering spaces to gather both online and in person. Through recommended reading, podcasts, the curation of lifelong learning opportunities, and much more, we hope to provide our community with a wealth of insights to enhance their ministry.
We also believe in the power of personal connection. Our Director, John, would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your ministry context. With 25 years of ministry experience himself, he strives to be a good listener, a trusted advisor, and someone who values maintaining confidentiality. We also believe that Ministry Forum will thrive in the community that surrounds it – to that end, we need your suggestions, ideas, and expertise to shape our content and priorities. 

What Ministry Forum Does

Ministry Forum is where faith, community, and leadership converge. We are a vibrant and inclusive online platform hosted by Knox College, University of Toronto, dedicated to serving current and aspiring Christian ministry leaders. Our community is as diverse as the ministries we represent, encompassing students, alumni, pastors, psychotherapists, chaplains, and those passionate about spreading the Good News in whatever ministry context they find themselves.
Our identity is rooted in the belief that ministry is not a solitary journey; it’s a collective effort. We are a fellowship that values authenticity, fosters connections, and celebrates diversity. Here, you’ll find a safe space to explore, share, and grow in your faith, leadership, and ministry.

About the Director, John Borthwick

John Borthwick leads Ministry Forum as the Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Knox College. John knows intimately the ups and downs of congregational ministry. Having served in congregational ministry for 25 years, John has lived it and, as he would say at times, just survived and often thrived in this unique and challenging role. He is passionate about supporting ministry leaders as they answer the call to serve. During COVID-19, John responded to the needs he witnessed among his colleagues and friends by creating The Abbey, a virtual space for community and learning. He intends to translate his recent experience on a much larger scale as he stewards Ministry Forum.