Stories from the Bible & the Church Year (37 titles)

Connected to & Caring for Creation (19 titles)

Death & Life Cycles (33 titles)


Mindfulness, Resilience, & Mental Health (24 titles)

Family, Friendship, & Community (36 titles)

Indigenous History & Wisdom (18 titles)

Additional Resources

Here are some useful links to help you find the right picture book for your purposes:

Compassionate Christianity:

This Children and Youth Books and Resources Database created by Compassionate Christianity is a searchable list of progressive Christian books for children. They are classified by theme, age range, type of resource, and scripture passage.



From Union Presbyterian Seminary, a searchable database of picture books with reviews, lectionary links, scripture and theme index.


Picture Book Theology:

Not restricted to faith-based books, this blog connects scripture to story with picture books of all kinds. Searchable by book, author, and theme.


Recommended Books 2021:

Jenni Whitford, PC(USA) Christian Educator member of the Hope4CE Steering Committee, has compiled this of books for children based on recommendations from a variety of professional organizations.


Suggested Reading Lists: The Presbyterian Church in Canada (scroll down to Children’s Picture Books)

Compiled by a different writers, these reading lists on a variety of subjects (e.g. liturgical seasons, prayer, gratitude, death and dying, non-traditional families, peacemaking) offer picture book suggestions and brief summaries.


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