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Our Identity

Knox College is a Christian theological school in the Reformed Protestant tradition which offers academic degree programs at the post-baccalaureate level. A seminary of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, Knox is a federated College of the University of Toronto, and a founding member of the Toronto School of Theology. Knox College is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Our Mission

Knox College educates people to think deeply about God, live authentically in Christian faith, and lead courageously in shifting spiritual and social landscapes.

Our Vision

A world where people of faith build vibrant communities of God’s love and hope.

Our Role

Knox College provokes:

We challenge followers of Jesus to embrace their call to key responsibilities in the life and witness of Christian communities, and to devote themselves to effective service.

Knox College guides:

We accompany students on journeys of personal assessment and discovery. The Knox experience creates vital self-awareness, fosters personal growth and healing, and leads students to grasp how they will respond to the challenges of various forms of ministry.

Knox College teaches:

We deepen students’ knowledge of Scripture, theology and ministry, sharpen their skills to use that knowledge, elevate their understanding of both the church and the world, and foster in them a desire to act in the Spirit of Christ.

Knox College interprets:

We cultivate the rich life of Presbyterian-Reformed intellectual, theological, and devotional traditions, and we bring Reformed strengths and insights to bear on the work of students, ministry professionals, and scholars.

Our Outcomes

Through teaching, research, and global partnerships, Knox College prepares its graduates to serve in diverse ministries, including:

  • Congregational leadership and renewal, nurturing and empowering faith communities.
  • Spiritual care and psychotherapy, counselling, and chaplaincy, which foster healing and wellness.
  • Teaching, research, and scholarship, deepening theological knowledge, in the church and the academic community.
  • Specialized forms of ministry in church and society, locally and globally, in church-related, parachurch, mission, and non-profit sectors.