Knox College, Canada

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Photo of Dr. Angela Schmidt

Dr. Angela Schmidt

Director of Experiential Learning and Associate Professor of Spiritual Care

Angela Schmidt joined the Faculty of Knox in 2017. She is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) and a Certified Supervisor-Educator (CASC).

She is interested in fostering personal and professional formation through experiential learning as students prepare for vocations in ministry, psychotherapy, spiritual care, and the many other places where theological education takes root. Angela has research interests in the collaboration between spiritual care professionals and community-based organizations to promote spiritual health and education as well as in curriculum development in psychology, theology and spiritual care. As an active supervisor-educator with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, Angela is interested in helping students to integrate their understanding of theory with their experiences in ministry or clinical placement while grounding their skills in research (evidence-based practice).

Angela is an active member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (ELCIC) in Chesley, ON, where her husband pastors, and she co-chairs the Children and Worship/Godly Play program.

Her areas of teaching include Experiential Learning (Theological Field Education), Leadership, and Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy.

My publications:

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