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“ Visioning Christian Education with students is a very exciting part of my life because I believe that the future of the church is with educational ministry in the church and society. Through my teaching I work to make the Ewart College legacy a living spirit that animates the Presbyterian Church in Canada. My more recent interest is to make tasty Hamburger with Kimchee and Tobu for the churches in Canada. ”

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Phone Number: 416-978-1884
Email Address: ns.song@utoronto.ca
Web site: http://individual.utoronto.ca/songns/

Dr. Nam Soon Song, Ewart Professor of Christian Education & Youth Ministry, and Director of the Asian-Canadian Centre for Theology and Ministry

Nam Soon has been a part of the Knox Faculty since 2000.

Citing that teaching and preaching are two important ministries of the church, Nam Soon finds her Faculty position exciting as she sees the future of educational ministry in the hands of each one of her students. Through her teaching as well as her efforts with the Ewart Centre and the Centre of Asian-Canadian Theology and Ministry, she brings Eastern philosophy into dialogue with Christian Education Theory and Practice, and a new approach that seeks to reinterpret how Jesus as the teacher taught in his period.

Nam Soon teaches Educational Ministry of the Church, Teaching the Bible in the Church,  Models of Teaching the Bible, Human Growth and Spiritual Journey, Contemporary Christian Education Theory, Spirituality and Religious Education, Theory and Practice for Youth Ministry, Curriculum Theory and Practice and Culture and Practical Ministry.

She is a member of Hopedale Presbyterian Church in Oakville. Nam Soon also helps to bring multi-cultures together in her congregation and and has given lectures and led workshops in various places, in churches as well as the community.


My publications:

  • The Basic Directions for the New Curriculum, 1999
  • Introduction to Christian Education (11), 1999
  • “Searching for an Approach to Christian Education from Tao Te Ching”, presented at APRRE, Nov 2001, Published in Preceeding 2001
  • Charles F. Melchert, Wise Teaching. Nam Soon Song, translated into Korean, 2002
  • “Did Jesus Have an Educational Goal?” presented at ISREV, 2002
  • “Self-Cultivation as a Way of Christian Education: Exploring Self-Cultivation in the Life and Teaching of Jesus” 2004 Proceedings, APRRE & ARE(, pp.379-388, 2004
  • “Entry on Charles F. Melchert” in www.talbot.edu/ce20, 2006
  • “Sunday School Revisited” presented at ISREV, 2010

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