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“ You don’t have to be at Knox long before you sense a deep commitment to the life of the Church and to the task of preparing women and men to serve it throughout their careers. Knox is one of those wonderful places where high scholarly ideals flourish alongside a commitment to nurturing a vital Christian faith. ”

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Phone Number : 416-978-2789
Email Address :  brian.irwin@utoronto.ca
Dr. Brian Irwin, Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures

Brian joined the Knox Faculty in 2004.

Brian enjoys assisting students achieve a better understanding of the culture and setting of the Bible, and helping them acquire the tools to exegete and apply it in a responsible and life-changing way. His areas of teaching are Old Testament Introduction, Interpretation, Prophets, Hebrew Exegesis, and Israelite Religion. Brian is frequently invited as a guest lecturer and preacher in a variety of denominational settings. He is an active member of Glenbrook Presbyterian Church, Mississauga.

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