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A seminary of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, a Federated College of the University of Toronto and a founding member of the Toronto School of Theology, Knox College is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.

These partnerships allow Knox to be a leader – enabling it to be relevant and informed about the reality that is the church today and a guiding influence for the future of the Church in Canada and around the world.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Deeply rooted in the reformed tradition, the PCC partners with Knox College financially and provides support and strength for our students to share the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada has about 1,000 congregations with members coming from many national and racial backgrounds eg. English, French, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Ghanaian. Within the denomination there are many different languages and styles of worship.

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The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a world-renowned university in a celebrated city where knowledge meets achievement, history meets future and ambition meets inspiration. Canada’s largest University, there are over 70,000 students studying at three campuses.

Being literally at the heart of U of T’s downtown campus provides Knox’s students with access to its rich resources, both academic and in student life (libraries, athletic facilities, health insurance, food services, advocacy, counseling offices, computer services, cultural opportunities etc.). It provides an ecumenical and multi-faith community within which to situate the realities of the Christian world today and in future.

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The Toronto School of Theology

The Toronto School of Theology is the largest ecumenical consortium for theological education in Canada with seven member schools and four affiliate schools representing Anglican, Protestant, Reformed, Roman Catholic and Anabaptist traditions.

Bringing together people from a wide variety of Christian and non-Christian traditions, the federation offers students an unusually rich environment to research and understand the Bible, Christian thought and the history of Christianity.

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The Association of Theological Schools

The ATS is a membership organization that accredits more than 250 graduate schools in the United States and Canada and educate persons for the practice of ministry, for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. Its mission is to promote excellence in theological education for the benefit of communities of faith and the broader public.

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Korean Evangelical Church of the Americas

Since 2002, Knox College has been the seminary selected by the Korean Evangelical Church of the Americas to prepare their Canadian candidates for ministry. Students receive an M.Div. degree from Knox College and  a certificate for ordination from the denomination.

To facilitate this work, the KECA has established the Sangjoon Hall of Theology at Knox College.

Sangjoon Hall of Theology (SHT) established at Knox College in 2006 was initiated by both The Rev. Dr. Gordon, the Principal of Knox College and The Rev. Dr. Chun Hoi Heo. According to this affiliation, Knox College offers the Master of Divinity program to students from the Korean Evangelical Church of America (KECA). The first students were admitted to SHT in 2006.

SHT students are required to take Wesleyan theology, and the History and Polity of KECA as mandatory courses. Upon completion of their M.Div. studies, they will receive the M.Div. form Knox College and a certificate for ordination from SHT.
The program can be completed in three years, full time, or up to eight years, part=time study. The admission requirement is an undergraduate degree (or equivalent).

For more information, please contact the Rev. Dr. Chun Hoi Heo, Denominational Studies Officer, at 416-888-0965 and chun-hoi@hanmail.net

Ecumenical Chaplain at UofT

Founded by Knox and now joined by Emmanuel College, ECUT provides a Christian voice, rooted in the traditions of the Presbyterian and the United Churches of Canada, for those studying, working and living at the University of Toronto.

Worship and prayer is offered through its founding colleges; as well ECUT fellowship offers small groups, and sensitive pastoral care.

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