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The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life

The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life does not require an undergraduate degree. The courses can be taken for interest or credit. Instructors are Knox College Faculty and graduate students, as well as others drawn from the TST and PCC.

The Certificate requires participants to complete four basic courses in the areas of Bible, Theology, History, and Lay Ministry, and four elective courses in various areas of theological inquiry.

The certificate courses are all taught by distance education. Students are required to log on to the course once weekly, preferably early in the week, to complete any assigned reading and writing.

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Instructor: Dr. Brian Irwin, Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scripture

Dates: January 22 through March 5, 2018


Sir Isaac Newton thought he knew. Lots of TV preachers seem to think they know. Even Nicholas Cage has had something to say on the subject. Why am I the only one who seems baffled by the books of Daniel, Revelation, and what they mean?

Is this you? If so, help is on the way!

Enroll today in, A Presbyterian’s Guide to the End of the World. Over six online sessions, Knox College professor Brian Irwin will guide you on a journey through the fascinating, baffling, and often bizarre world that is End Times speculation. You’ll discover the theological thinking underlying the most dominant theory of how the world will end. Most importantly, you’ll explore the books of Daniel and Revelation to learn how they spoke to their first, persecuted readers and what they have to say to us today.

Hurry to register for this exciting and timely class—before it’s too late.

This is what you can expect in our six sessions together:

Session 1 (Week of January 22) – A History of End Times Predictions

Every few years or so it seems that someone is predicting the end of the world! Why does this keep happening? In this introductory talk, Dr. Irwin will reveal the long and fascinating history of end times speculation and share the secret to avoiding your own embarrassing end times prediction.

Session 2 (Week of January 29) – The World of Dispensationalism

Why do some people read Daniel and Revelation and see one thing and other people read the same books and find a detailed plan for end times? In this talk, we’ll look at dispensationalism, the theological system that underlies most end times speculation today.

Session 3 (Week of February 5) – The End of the World According to Premillennial Dispensationalism

Perhaps you’ve read one of the Left Behind series of novels. Many dispensationalist writers and preachers lay out a very specific timeline of the drastic events that will precede the return of Christ and the end of the world. In this session, we’ll go over how dispensationalism sees the world wrapping up as superpowers square off in the Middle East in the final showdown at Armageddon.

Session 4 (Week of February 12) – Understanding Prophecy and Apocalyptic

Pick up a newspaper and you will find all manner of writing. News stories, film reviews, obituaries—all are different kinds of writing intended to communicate in different ways and to different ends. The Bible too, is full of different types of literature and in this session, we’ll look at the two most important genres for understanding end times. 

Week of February 19 – Knox College Reading Week – No class session

Enough disaster already! Take this week to relax and gather your senses. You can also use it to read through the books of Daniel and Revelation in preparation for our last two sessions.

Session 5 (Week of February 26)- The Book of Daniel, Then and Now

Have you ever watched a movie that took an unexpected turn. The book of Daniel is like that. What starts out as a series of engaging stories suddenly turns into a mashup of wild visions and terrifying monsters. What’s that all about? In this session we’ll move through Daniel to discover how it spoke to its original audience and what it might say to us today.

Session 6 (Week of March 5) – The Book of Revelation, Then and Now

The earliest followers of Jesus inhabited a world dominated by Rome. The power of imperial Rome was everywhere and it demanded full submission! The result was temptation and danger for the followers of Jesus who served the one true king of the universe. In this session, we’ll explore how the mysterious visions of Revelation steeled the early church to stay true to Christ and how this message relates to our world today.


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Note: to register, click “get tickets” at the link above.

Admission Deadlines

Admission Deadlines

  • Fall Admission: May 31
  • Winter Admission:
    International students – Sept. 30;
    Domestic students – Oct. 31
  • Spring/Summer Admission: February 15
  • For Th.M. and Ph.D.: check current date
  • For D.Min.: check current date

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