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The mission of the Knox Former Residents Association is to develop and maintain fellowship, to foster support for the Residence and to encourage the growth of a broader Knox College community.

What does this mean?

It means KNOXFRA works with the College to:

  • plan networking events for members and residents;
  • provide a support network for members in their fields;
  • promote the College within their communities;
  • supply an experienced voice from the working world for residents;
  • host an educational dinner for current and former residents;
  • organize alumni/ae gatherings for fellowship;
  • increase financial support for the College, particularly its residence.

The Executive


Andrew Wood-Gaines


Don Ariss                                                                               

Mischa Armin                                                                         

Ronald Benn                                                                           

Evan Brander                                                                         

Serhiy Kovalchuk

Dr. William MacEachern       

Elgin McMurchy         

Dr. Sheela Rupal        

Nivedita Samuel


Upcoming KNOXFRA Events:

-KNOXFRA Dinner and Awards – November 3, 2018.

Click here for information on the KNOXFRA Award of Honour and how to submit a nomination for 2018.

Click here to learn about the 2017 KNOXFRA Dinner.


Knox College occasionally sends emails to former residents with KNOXFRA news and event announcements.  To be added to the KNOXFRA email list, please email knox.college@utoronto.ca, or phone 416-978-4500.

Knox College is committed to protecting your privacy. Be assured that your email address will not be traded or shared, and you can unsubscribe from the KNOXFRA email list at anytime.