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Knox College announces 2018 prizes and scholarships


Congratulations to all for their hard work.


General Proficiency 1

Eastman Prize: Joshua Heo


General Proficiency 2

H. Thornton Prize: Angelica Atkins

Goldie Scholarship: Dave Lee


General Proficiency 3

Bonar-Burns Prize: Emily Webb

Elizabeth Scott Prize: Simon Park

Ethel Simpson Prize (Ewart): Jihyun Moon

General Proficiency: William Grace


General Proficiency Part-Time

John K. and Jane M. Hislop Prize: Debora Rolls

General Proficiency: Casey Park

General Proficiency: Robert Hayashi


Graduating Prizes

Chris Vais Award: Rebecca Jess

The Robert and Elizabeth McKay Memorial Prize (Ewart) (Community Life): David McFarlane & Nicholas Metivier

Lillian Matthews Prize (Ewart) (Christian Education): Sosun Suh

Walter W. Bryden Prize (Church History): Issac Yoo-Sung Hong

Walter W. Bryden Prize (Philosophy and Ethics): Rebecca Jess

Gordon Mortimer Clark Prize (Philosophy and Ethics): Casey Park

The Rev. Stanley W. & Eleanor Vance Memorial Prize (Preaching): Nicolas Renaud

M. Boswell Prize (Preaching): William Min

The Roberta Kinnon Prize (Preaching): Rebecca Jess

The Rev. Dr. Harry B. Somers Memorial Prize (Old Testament): Nicholas Metivier

The D. K. Andrews Memorial Prize (Old Testament): Rebecca Jess

New Testament Scholarship: Fook Yam (Eric) Lee

The Rev. Wm. James Walker, D.D., Prize (Systematic Theology): Issac Yoo-Sung Hong & Rebecca Jess

The John Robson Award (Urban Ministry), Practical Theology (Inner City Ministry): Ahmad (Boghos) Barbouri

Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Ridell, Manchester (Auburn): Alvin Kim & David McFarlane

Rev. Dr. Hugh Davidson Memorial Prize (Faculty): Francis Owusu, YeonJun (Kyle) Kim, David Kyungtae You, & Young Mee Yae

The Robert C. Mathewson Memorial Scholarship: Ko Woon (Deborah) Lee


Knox College Gold Medal: Issac Yoo-Sung Hong



Prince of Wales Prize (Church History): Alexander Fels

Brydon Prize (Church History): Simon Park & Anne McGillivray

Alex McEachern Memorial Prize (Christian Education): Emily Webb

The Douglas Cram and Douglas Hamilton Memorial Prize (Christian Education): Dave Lee

Rupal Prize (Christian Ethics): Rebecca Jess

Smith Prize (Doctrines of Reconciliation): Issac Yoo-Sung Hong

The Archibald McArthur Prize (Greek): Oe Sun Kim

McLelland-Scott Prize (Greek Reading/Exegesis): Emily Webb

The McClure Scholarship (Hebrew): Angelica Atkins

Rev. Dr. Homer W. McAvoy Memorial Prize (Old Testament): Edward Yoo

John Stenhous Prize (Ewart): Amber-Lee Lewis-Grant & Mark Oteng

William and Ada Major Prize (Ewart) (New Testament Introduction): Vincent De Freitas & Claire Lemiski

Mar Presbyterian Church Prize (Intro to Practice of Ministry): Joshua Heo

Class of 1951 Prize (Preaching): Claire Lemiski


Other prizes

The E. Graham & Annie MacDonald Memorial Scholarship: Henna Hyun Hwa Kim

Donald Cameron Memorial Award: Ahmad (Boghos) Barbouri

Dr. Geoffrey D. Johnston passes away; Knox College expresses condolences

Knox College extends sympathy and condolences to the family of the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey D. Johnston (1933-2018) who died on May 14 in Dunnville, Ontario. Dr. Johnston was a graduate of Knox College (1958), and in 2008 Knox also granted him a Doctor of Divinity degree (honoris causa) in recognition of his service to the church, academy, and society. After serving as a missionary in Nigeria and Jamaica, Dr. Johnston was appointed as Director of Pastoral Studies at the Presbyterian College (Montreal), where he served from 1983 until retirement in 1999. We give thanks to God for his life and ministry.

Read more about Dr. Johnston at jwhartfuneralhome.com/johnston-geoffrey-deane.


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