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Founding Day Convocation

Join us for a special


November 5, 2019
4:15pm in the Knox College Chapel
Celebrating the 175th anniversary of the first Knox College classes, which were held on November 5, 1844

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Terry LeBlanc, director of NAIITS (formerly North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies)

Terry has been active in full-time vocational ministry with the Native North American community since 1978. He is currently CEO and Director of Indigenous Pathways overseeing the programs of My People, iEmergence, and NAIITS. He has been the recipient of three fellowships and the Student of Highest Distinction award. He completed his Ph.D. at Asbury Theological Seminary and was awarded the D.D. honoris causa by Acadia University in 2015. NAIITS is one of four divisions of Indigenous Pathways, a non-sectarian organization dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community to develop and articulate Indigenous perspectives in theology and practice.