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KNH2010 – History of Christianity II (843-1648)

Development of thought and piety; monasticism and mendicants; crusades, parish life; papacy, princes and church councils; Byzantium; East-West relations; relations with Jews and Muslims; Renaissance and reformations; reformers; missionary expansion; confessionalism. Lectures. NOTE: Students who have taken –H2002H Medieval Christianity (600-1500) and/or –H2003H Reformation & Early Modern Christianity, may not take Christianity II (843-1648). Prerequisite: 1000 level history course. Primary source, assignment, paper, take home final.

Schedule: Thursday, 11:00 to 13:00
Instructors: Stuart Macdonald
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Course Syllabus: Click here to see the course syllabus

Other Information: Second Semester · One Credit