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KEGA surveys members to discern the needs of ministers in the field

It has been an exciting year for the Knox-Ewart Graduates Association (KEGA) Executive Committee. With the help of the Development Office at Knox College, KEGA conducted a survey with the goal of connecting with alumni, and learning from alumni ways in which KEGA could implement activities that would strengthen the association and support each other and Knox College.

Responses to the survey revealed that graduates need Continuing Education opportunities at the College, within the greater PCC community through Regional and Synod events, webinars and receptions that are held at the PCC General Assembly. The survey also revealed that many of the new graduates felt that a mentoring program for those first years of ministry would be helpful.

In response to the survey, Knox College is looking to expand the reach of its continuing education opportunities after the success of streaming the Charles H. MacDonald Lecture last fall. The College has also planned to expand its offering by merging its endowed lecture series into one large event this fall. Brian McLaren, a prominent Christian pastor, author, activist and speaker and leading figure in the emerging church movement, has been invited to lead the Robert Laidlaw lecture, which will be a part of the larger event.

More details about the survey and its results will be published in upcoming issues of Connexions. Knox College and KEGA will continue to work together with its members to ensure that alumni are supported in their call to preach and teach the Gospel in the world.