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KCA Update – Winter 2011

The fall of 2010 was a term of change in the residence as the Knox College Association (KCA)worked to bring all those who call Knox ‘home’ closer together.

Renovations to the third-floor study lounge, including the purchase of new furniture and a new colour scheme, are underway to make the room moreinviting to residents. Similar work was performed in the basement television room where the major social catalyst continues to be the video game system purchased last year.

The KCA kept itself busy hosting several events (orientation week activities, the annual Halloween party, Christmas tree decorating with the College’s theological student association and the ever popular Christmas Formal) that brought the residents together outside of their rooms. In addition to these annual events, the Association initiated several new events aimed at bringing the community together. The first foosball tournamentwas held this fall and a bi-monthlycompetitive hockey game was established with nearby Wycliffe College. In late November weekly Christmas movie viewings began to get residents into the holiday spirit, an event we hope will turn into an annual tradition.

KCA executive members and current residents had the opportunity to meet former residents at both Knox Night at the Movies and the Annual KNOXFRA dinner.  These were both enjoyable evenings filled with stories about the building we all know and love.

The winter and spring will keepthe kca busy planning as executivemembers and residents alike lookforward to the much anticipated Spring Formal, the spring Coffee House, a table-tennis tournament, completion of the study-room redecoration and continuing Knox’s winning streak against Wycliffe College!

— Christopher Zeichmann, President