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Former Principal of Knox College Contributed to New Lectionary Resource on Social Justice

About a year before his death, The Rev. Dr. Arthur Van Seters completed his material for Preaching God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary, Year B, Featuring 22 New Holy Days for Justice, a bold new commentary which has just been published by Westminster John Knox Press. This work is unique in that it is the first  to help the preacher focus on the implications for social justice in every biblical reading in the Revised Common Lectionary. In addition, this series introduces twenty-two Holy Days for Justice. These Days enlarge the church’s awareness of God’s call for justice and the many ways that call comes to the church and world today. For example, these days include World Aids Day, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Asian American Heritage Day,  International Women’s Day, César Chávez Day, Earth Day, Yom ha Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Peoples Native to the America Day, and Night of Power.

For each lectionary day and each Holy Day for Justice there is an essay that helps the preacher integrate a variety of social justice concerns into his or her preaching. The 90 contributors are a diverse group of biblical scholars, preachers, social activists and professors of preaching. The contributors are about half women and half men from a broad range of communities—racial/ethnic, denominational, gender orientation.

Van Seters wrote the commentary for Proper 14. He comments on passages from 2 Samuel, I Kings, Psalms, Ephesians, and John.

Walter Bruggemann, a leading biblical authority, says, “This extended commentary makes clear that when one asks fresh voices of the biblical text, one gets fresh responses. In addition to fresh interpretive voices on offer here, this volume provides special resources and guidance for the Holy Days for Justice, a new entry into the church year for treasured occasions in the life of the church and in our society. This book holds promise of transformative energy for the preaching, teaching, interpreting work of the church.”

The 544 page book is available from Westminster John Knox Press ($ 50.00): www.wjkbooks.com. The commentary will be published in three volumes—Year B (2011), Year C (2012) and 2013.

To learn more about the book, visit its Facebook page.