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Ewart Centre announces courses for Winter 2014

The Ewart Centre for Lay Education is offering two courses thiswinter for those pursuing their Certificate in Christian Faith and Life.

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Course: Can Christian Education revitalize and empower your congregation?

Date: Feb 3 – Mar 10, 2014

Instructor: Mary Jane Bisset

Details: All denominations in Canada are experiencing decline and transition. However, there are many examples of new life and energy giving hope and excitement that come from new ways of doing Christian Education. This six week course will introduce you to new and creative approaches to engaging children and adults in making the faith come alive.

Instructor: Mary Jane has been a diaconal minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada for 36 years. She has served in congregations and conducted many workshops and seminars for congregations. More recently she was Diaconal Minister of Knox Goderich for 12 years responsible for Christian Education. She has just finished work as Regional Staff for Education and Leadership in the Synod of Southwestern Ontario.

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Course: The Gospel of Matthew

Date: March 17 – April 21, 2014

Instructor: The Rev. Tim Purvis

Details: Welcome to this online course on the Gospel According to Matthew. Many are familiar with Matthew’s version of the nativity story through Sunday School Christmas pageants and carols about the three wise men who followed the star. Matthew’s Gospel also contains some of the most famous parables like the Unmerciful Servant, the Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids, and the Sheep and the Goats. In this course we will take a closer look at these and other passages in light of Matthew’s particular theological interests and thematic emphases. The course will emphasize close reading of the text, comparison with Matthew’s known sources (Mark and Q), and attention to both the immediate context (the material before and after a passage) and overall context (the position of a passage within Matthew’s Gospel as a whole) as clues to understanding and interpreting the text as Scripture for the church. The key question is “so what?” What does this mean for us as Christians and how does it connect to our daily living?

Instructor: Rev. Tim Purvis has served as minister of Westview Presbyterian Church in Toronto for the past 9 years and a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada for 29 years. He has a deep interest in New Testament studies and has taught other lay ed courses.

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