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Ernest Goes to Brown

Ernest (left) with fellow residents

After calling the Knox College Residence home for the past six years, Ernest Ho is packing up and heading south to Rhode Island and a postdoctoral research position at Brown University.

Originally from Hong Kong, Ernest and his family came to Canada in the early ’90s, settling in in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia. He developed a love for science and mathematics in high school and went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics followed by a Master’s degree in theoretical nuclear physics, working on the cyclotron at  the University of British Columbia.

After completing his degree and looking for a change, Ernest found employment at a Vancouver software development company where he worked on database development for three years before he decided to enroll in a Ph.D. program. In researching projects, he came across the work of Dr. Frances Skinner at the University of Toronto. Interested in the projects that she studied, Ernest sent her an email, was then interviewed and accepted into her program. He packed up and moved to Toronto, first moving into the Chestnut Residence on campus for his first year and moving to Knox in his second year after hearing great things about it. He hasn’t left since.

In the fall of 2011, Ernest completed his Ph.D. with his thesis focusing on the hippocampus, coming up with the mathematical models that explain why certain rhythms occur in the brain that wouldn’t have been possible through experimentation alone. He continued his work after his defense, working on contract for Dr. Skinner’s lab and looking for more permanent postdoctoral research work.

After sending out more than 10 applications to universities all over North America, Brown University showed great interest in Ernest and his research. They invited him to Rhode Island to tour the campus and give a presentation in August. He was quickly offered a position researching epilepsy working with human data and deriving a mathematical model. Ernest will officially begin the position in the New Year.

We wish Ernest the best on his exciting new adventure and look forward to hearing his updates!