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Board Future Firmly in Place

As I complete my second term on the Board of Governors, I have come to realize what a great opportunity and experience it has been to serve the College. Having settled into the College’s rhythm and activities early on, I learned, in depth, what it means to be providing high caliber theological education for our denomination. No easy task I have discovered.

Over the years I have been proud to be involved; working with Principal Gordon, the Board, its Committees and in turn, its students and residents, to chart a course for the future of not only the school, but in some way, the church here in Canada and around the globe.

During this period the College established a stable financial footing and updated its governance model, giving time for the Administration and Board to begin thinking about the years ahead. It was evident that there were two key areas of focus integral to the College’s future success – Faculty and the building, and both are dependent on the school’s ability to fundraise effectively for both.

Presbyterians that have come before us have thoughtfully contributed to what is our reality at Knox today. Now it is our turn to contribute to Knox’s future. Faculty are critical – not only for the classes they teach today, but for the leadership they, and their research, will provide the PCC as we move forward into a future none of us can predict. Faculty are the ones shaping our ministers and missionaries of tomorrow. These are the exact reasons we need more Faculty available for our students – both degree and lay.

And, I would be remiss if I did not mention the building that houses Knox College today. Many wonder at the wisdom of staying in an old building that needs ongoing repairs. My answer to this is that Knox College sits at the heart of Canada’s largest University – it is a safe and Christian home for 100 students in residence each term and within these walls this diverse group learns about Christian kindness, respect and faith – a powerful and meaningful part of the mission of Knox College. And, for our theology students, numbering close to 200, there is access to some of Canada’s finest libraries and teachers as part of the broader Toronto School of Theology consortium. There is thinking and learning to be had here that is unparalleled. This is what we need for our future ministers, missionaries and lay leaders. I challenge us all, as part of my legacy, to ensure Knox continues to be a healthy and vibrant part of our tradition long into the future.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as the Convener of the Knox Board. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Stephanie Ling, a long time Board member and supporter of the College, has been elected to follow in my footsteps for a one-year term. With planning firmly in place for the future of the Board, I am confident that I am leaving it in good hands.