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Bible Translation Benefits from Bikes for Bibles

Knox College has been involvedwith theological students from Taiwan for over sixty years. More recently, our connection has been with Taiwanese seminaries and advanced degree students. But we have also been made aware of Taiwanese ethnic minorities through the work of  The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean, a former member of the Knox Asian Council ,and his work in translation of the Bible into the Hakka language. The translation is now complete, but is already undergoing textual revision.

Last summer, Paul’s son Peter focused attention on this project via a challenging “Bikes for Bibles” journey across Canada. He undertook a solo bike ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic, first wetting his tires in the ocean at Victoria on the west coast and finally at Cape Spear, the most easterly point in Newfoundland, a distance of 8,656 km. He described his journey as a “once in a lifetime experience.”

For more on Peter’s journey acrossCanada in support of his father’s work, visit his website.